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 Weight Loss Program
An easy and effective way to lose weight with the use of prescription appetite suppressants (Dr Prescribed Medications,) in addition to advanced Super B and Fat Burner shots.

 Isotonix Vitamins
A scientifically advanced form of vitamins and minerals designed to give your body the maximum benefits.

 Come in and get a personal evaluation from a doctor specializing in weight loss!!!
Isotonix Vitamins
Activated B-Complex
-Promotes cardiovascular health
-Increases Energy
-Helps decrease stress and improve mood.
$30/ 1 mo   $70/ 3 mo
Multivitamin without iron
-Provides the recommended daily value of vitamins and minerals.
-Supplements dietary deficiencies
-Supports a strong immune system
$30/1 mo   $70/ 3 mo
- Powerful antioxidant
- Promotes joint health
- Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
$40/ 1 mo  $80/ 3 mo
- Essential for maintaining  strong bones and healthy teeth.
-Supports cardiovascular health
- Promotes healthy immune function.
$45/ 1mo